In order to maximize our county’s potential, we need to think of educational policy as more than children sitting in a classroom memorizing everything a teacher tells them. Educational opportunities must be viewed as a vital, interconnected component of our region’s economic growth that continues into adulthood. For Cuyahoga County to flourish in the long-term, we must be creative and recognize that education does not end once someone graduates from high school or a 4-year college.

In many ways, especially when it comes to school-aged children, we as innovators are hamstrung by the backwards-thinking state of Ohio government, but these are some of the steps we can take.

  • A progressive education that prepares students for the world outside of school and doesn’t rely simply on memorization and test-taking
  • Computer science classes must, at a minimum, be offered at every public high school in the county        
    • Today they’re offered at only 50% of of public schools in Cuyahoga County
  • Increased tutoring for students in our schools
  • Increased career and technical learning (CTE)
    • The graduation rate of CTE students is a full 15 points higher than the average student
  • Increased apprenticeship programs
  • Expanding programs that focus on youth. For example, Bellaire Puritas Development Corp. has a first-rate youth/education program encompassing:
    • Teen Job Club
    • CMHA-Riverside After School and Summer Programs
    • Artemus Ward After School Program
  • There’s mounting evidence that the physical and mental health of children affects their academic performance.
    • Increase access to counselors and health professionals for students
    • Model after Lakewood City Schools’ Health Services programs
  •  Real-world training and education in our schools and for adults
    • Financial literacy education
    • Increased homeownership and homebuying education and resources


  • Free breakfast and lunches for all those who need it. Any stigma related to this could be overcome by making these programs free for all students, though budget restraints make that unlikely at the current time
  • Cuyahoga County high school graduates who attend college, trade school, etc.  in Cuyahoga County will receive discounted tuition
  • Graduates of colleges (2 or 4 year), trade schools, internship and apprenticeship programs, etc. should receive student loan discounts not unlike Newburgh Heights’ Student Loan Assistance Program